Posted by: patenttranslator | January 16, 2020

My Limited Experience with Narcissistic Trolls on My Silly Blog

Everybody who has been running a blog for a while has had his or her share of trolls and I am no exception.

Some people just can’t be happy, get no satisfaction as Mick Jagger would put it, unless they can put somebody else down by showing how dumb and uninformed a certain blogger is. They have a burning need to show the world how much more intelligent, educated, smarter and knowledgeable they are, especially compared to a poor schmuck who dares to be writing something on a blog.

The funny thing is, not always but often, in my case at least, they start commenting by saying how much they like what I am writing and then they often add something that would in their opinion make my blog even more fun to read. And then I foolishly start assuming that they seem to have something to say, they are open to discussion. But nothing is open to discussion with them. Unless I agree 100 percent, more like 1,000 percent, with everything they say in their comments, I immediately become their mortal enemy, especially if I start making fun of something (mostly in a nice way, I think), of anything they said.

At first it was a shock to me, because as I said, the general response to my blog was very good, surprisingly so and pretty overwhelming to me.

I will digress a little bit now … but not too far.

A former girlfriend from a long time ago visited me once here. Well dressed, wearing bright, warm colors that I still remembered warmly, in an expensive, comfortable and spacious American car.

We talked about this and that, and when I started telling her how much I enjoy the little bit of muckraking (I think that’s the proper term) that I get to do regularly on my silly blog, she said: ‘Well, I know you enjoy your little blog, and you get so excited about the ten brave readers who sometime comment on it’, blah, blah, blah.  Although she never even read my blog, she could not help herself to start putting me down even before I finished my sentence. Old habits die hard. That’s how some women are, it makes them feel so good, so damn superior when they can put down other people, especially those close to them!

Although I write now much less than I used to, every silly post I write, even the dumbest one, is read over time by hundreds or many thousands of people as the view count slowly climbs to the one million mark. This despite the fact that what I am mostly writing about in my posts is …. ugh … translation!

The fact is, she can’t even read what I am writing about, because she never learned English well enough to follow what I am saying. Or any other foreign language, for that matter. She got her PhD a long time ago, just after we split, but as far as I am concerned, knowing a few languages really well, especially the important ones, is worth a thousand PhDs. It opens whole new worlds to you. It gives you more than one life. We never agreed much on anything, except that we really hated “the Bolsheviks”, as we used to call them. I hated them enough to move to another country as far away as possible, 5,000 miles away. She preferred to stay.

But let’s now get back to the topic at hand.

What a good troll and a typical nasty girlfriend love the most is when they can put somebody down in a scathing, derisive and scornful manner to show how infinitely superior they are to the other person. Some, or possibly all of them, seem to think that they are superior to basically anybody on this planet. They can’t ‘not think’ that about themselves, it’s a disease, often discussed on social media and elsewhere, called nowadays ‘narcissism’. It has been with us probably forever, ever since the original Narcissus, the son of God from Greek mythology, fell in love with himself, or rather with his own reflection in the waters because he was so damn handsome, and then drowned in the water.

Narcissists nowadays don’t drown so much anymore; instead they just go on social medial to seek out people who will worship their genius and failing that, destroy, DESTROY!!! anybody who happens to disagree with any part of what they say, no matter how minute and unimportant a part it may be, or other people who just happen to be there as convenient victims. That is how modern trolls were born.

When you have a planet with plenty of water, sunshine, oxygen and mud, sooner or later the water will be teeming with microorganisms who a few million years later will become fish, the fish will then start walking on dry land a few million years later and the land will be ruled by dinosaurs for hundred million years or so, before they become extinct to be replaced by woolly mammoths, who will also become extinct after a few thousand years, to be replaced by other animals and humans … who will most likely eventually erase all forms of life from the planet.

When you have social media with Youtube channels, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, vlogs, and many other forms of digital life that allow anonymous bullying of other people, narcissistic trolls will very quickly start coming out of the woodwork, because abusing other people is what they live for. Deep down inside they must know that they suffer from a major inferiority complex and that they have to compensate for this feeling of inferiority and overcome the pain in their soul that is caused by this complex by “destroying” other people.

The trolls are always anonymous and they often use strange pseudonyms. Not every anonymous commenter on the internet is a troll, there are sometime very good reasons to stay anonymous, but trolls are anonymous because they are cowards. They know that they would not be able to defend their argument, such as it is. They just want to disrupt the discussion, attack, humiliate and cause as much injury as possible, so they need to be anonymous. It’s safer for them that way.  

Several trolls whose presence I was immensely blessed with on my silly blog came back in different incarnations after I called them out on this or that, or after I banned them from my blog. But I can almost always tell which troll it is, even if he is using a different pseudonym now.

Even if I expunge their comments from my blog again, they sometime come back under yet another pseudonym. They can’t really help it, it seems that they don’t really seem to have a life worth living outside of their miserable troll life.

Do not hate nasty trolls. Instead, say a prayer for anonymous trolls who leave poison on your blog. It’s not really their fault that they can’t have a normal discussion with other people. Their trollish existence is probably karmic punishment for horrible things they did in their prior lives.

They do not deserve to be forgiven, they deserve to be pitied.


  1. Well said.

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  2. Spot on, Steve…and particularly apropos for those of us who are about to enjoy a root canal without anesthesia; I.e., the US President election of 2020. Keyboard courage — when you say shit about someone you would never be brave enough to say to their face.

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  3. Thanks for your comment, Chris. Hope you will sell your house faster than we did – it took us a whole year. Fortunately, that obligation is no longer mine. I can now move any place I want to, almost as effortlessly as Jack Reacher.


  4. Your blog has always been one of a kind. Your writing is excellent. There is no blog like it. Your evolution analogy above is part of the reason my day is always made better by reading your blog.

    I mainly follow you on this blog, and Matt Stanton on LinkedIn.

    As far as narcissists go, I hit ‘block’ earlier rather than later. I don’t tend to engage with people who parade around their unsolved mental issues, unless I have to.

    Sure, no one is perfect – every person has positive and negative qualities. Some claim that we’re all on various spectrums. We may exhibit tendencies that could put us in the category “narcissist”, but we’re on the whole within permissible behavior. E.g., I might insult someone inadvertently, but then I try to make an effort to correct my behavior once I realize that what I said was somehow inappropriate. There is a point where the fear of insulting would lead to extreme introversion and the failure to utter any words at all. There is a balance to be found somewhere.

    However, some individuals are so disturbed that their warped mental landscape is obvious to anyone within seconds, minutes or hours. It then becomes a matter of “Hmm, do I want to spend time joining that person in their deranged mind space, perhaps trying to fix them, or should I just click the ‘block’ button?”

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  5. “However, some individuals are so disturbed that their warped mental landscape is obvious to anyone within seconds, minutes or hours. It then becomes a matter of “Hmm, do I want to spend time joining that person in their deranged mind space, perhaps trying to fix them, or should I just click the ‘block’ button?”

    Well put. And thank you for your constructive criticism of my writing.

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  6. Hi Steven, as said earlier, keep writing your blog, I’m sure many are reading it. I just love it and I’m reading the articles twice. It makes me feel happier and always learn something new. There are toxic environments and toxic people. One can only avoid them because it makes no good. You feel the chemistry right at the beginning if someone will make you happy, your instinct is there for you to step in and “block” them straight away, as previously said by Eirik.
    Sorry for that lady, guess she will never find happiness because she doesn’t
    knows how to make people happy.

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  7. Very interesting obsevations there. Try and remember that these people are of no importance. You can tell because they try so hard to make it seem as if they are. I read a good quote about them the other day: “You don’t attract narcissists because something is wrong with you. You attract narcissists because so much is right with you.”

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  8. Hello, I just want to say I enjoy Reading your blog very much here in Portugal.

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  9. Hello, it is nice to read your essay again after a long interval. Everything changes on Earth including the number of trolls, which goes up and down, up and down. The reason for that is economical, social and biological, I think. It should go down soon, I believe. Everything is connected with each other, leading sometimes to a butterfly effect.


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