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The Incredibly Stupid World Makes Me Glad I Am Too Old to Care

History is a collection of lies commonly agreed upon. Voltaire

2020 will go down in history as the year of the mildest pandemic in the last 2,000 years.

It’s demonstrably true. Even those of us who tend to believe the BS that we are being fed on daily basis by mainstream media, and there are fewer and fewer of them among us, probably know in their heart of hearts that something is wrong with the numbers of “positive cases” that the mainstream media is beating us over the head with on a daily basis.

What is wrong with those numbers? How about everything? How many of these “cases” are in fact sick? How many of them even have any symptoms? And how many of those who have symptoms or are sick will die of this virus? Very few, and virtually all of them are quite old, seriously overweight, or have their immunity seriously compromised.

As I wrote in a post earlier this year, a few months back I still believed in the mainstream BS, and back in March we all believed it and we were all shitting our pants, including myself.

I’m pretty sure that I caught the virus in February, back when the nasty bug was supposed to be only in China, a couple of months before it became “a thing” also in Central Europe and elsewhere.

It was quite painful, especially the headaches were horrible, as I wrote in this post. I kept wanting to (but could not) vomit, but it never really occurred to me that I might die from whatever it was that I had. And in 3 or 4 days, the extremely unpleasant disease was gone. And at 68 years of age, I am in the age group that is supposed to be most at risk from the virus. My son, who is 29, caught the same virus in Chicago, suffered symptoms quite similar to mine and his immune system dealt with it also in about 3 days.

So far I have met only one person who needed to be hospitalized for several weeks because of the virus – a taxi driver who sometimes drives me when I need to go somewhere in a hurry. He is only about 45, but his system is probably severely compromised because he is quite obese. I’d say he used to be at least 30 kg (65 lbs) overweight, but after the disease, when he had to spend several weeks at the hospital, he is now only about 20 kg overweight. He should really find a better, less painful and less dangerous way to lose the extra kilos!

Because I am 68, I am supposed to be in the most vulnerable group of older people who are at the greatest danger of dying. But I’m pretty sure that although I did catch the virus back in February, I am still alive and kicking now as if nothing happened. So what is going on here?

I don’t think it’s such a mystery. When in doubt which version of the official truth is correct, I recommend to cut through the BS with Occam’s razor. Occam’s razor is a philosophical principle, named after a medieval monk who invented it, that says that when there are several competing explanations for something, the more complicated ones should be cut away because the simplest one is almost always the truth.

Given how complicated are the explanations given to us for what the politicians are doing (to us) and how they try to explain it – for example, large chains owned by multinational corporations should remain open, because the virus will not dare to attack us there, while mom-and-pop stores should remain closed until mom and pop die, because otherwise we will die a horrible death – it is clear to me that the bastards are lying to us in order to gain more power and more money.

They are not trying to kill the virus, they would probably not try to get rid of it even if they knew how to do it, which they don’t. They are trying to kill small business, because that is what they are being paid to do by big business.

It’s not really all that surprising that by now they are pretty good at this sick game, they have been lying to us, stealing from us and craving more and more money and power for themselves at our expense for centuries. This is such a perfect opportunity to turn all of us into scared, obedient slaves, how could they possibly resist? As long as they can keep us in the prostrate position, continuously shitting our pants, they can continue cheating, stealing and lying even much more than before … hopefully forever. From their viewpoint, they would have to be totally stupid to allow such a wonderful opportunity to go to waste.

I no longer watch news on teevee because I don’t have the stomach for the simplistic, one-sided, and downright idiotic news designed to keep us scared. I used to watch BBC, ZDF Heute and news on French stations, but I can’t do it anymore because I don’t trust them anymore. No news is good news these days for me.

Fortunately, I am already pretty old and even though I am not exactly ancient yet, fortunately I am not financially affected by this new worldwide scam. My two pensions still regularly hit my bank account and my old customers still keep sending me enough work to keep me busy and even if they had no more work for me, I would still be fine.

So I just look at the world and wonder, like the Fool on the Hill in the old Beatles song …what will the end of it look like … if there ever is an end to this hysteria.


  1. Nice videos.


  2. Danke.


  3. … and a tactful veil of silence about the stuff in between


  4. The sheer a**holery of this post is absolutely astounding in view of the more than 1.6 million deaths worldwide, including 300,000+ in your former homeland and 10,000+ in your present one.
    I regret that I ever had an acquaintance with you.


    • Divide et impera. It has been working for thousands of years, and still is.


      • I’m so glad to see others aren’t as blatantly stupid, ignorant and selfish as you.

        People like you are the reason my otherwise healthy 37 year old brother is now dead. No pre-existing conditions.

        Proof positive that intelligence in your chosen subject certainly does not mean emotional or even general intelligence, for that matter.

        Good luck with the blog, as I will no longer be reading (so you can save your snarky reply).


      • Why is your icon not clickable? Why do you want to shut me up? Anonymous, lying trolls like you are the reason why our children cannot go to school and people who make a lot of money from the convenient virus hysteria are turning our world into a concentration camp. Good riddance. Have a nice life and stay away from my blog.


  5. Same here. How can you downplay this? You obviously don’t know (or care about) anyone who caught the virus and is either suffering from severe symptoms or even has even died as a result. Your cynicism is appalling. Sure, the response from governments is mostly chaotic, but they don’t have the answers and the good ones are listening to scientists/medical professionals (who are working themselves to death protect ungrateful people like you, should you come down with a serious case). I’m just glad that there still are people out there who care…


    • I’ve had it myself, or maybe still have it. So I have come down with a serious case, but I dealt with it on my own at the age of 68. You must have missed the fact that only one part of scientists/medical professionals is allowed to talk on mainstream media, the ones who are ignoring the fact that this is just one of many viruses that we have to learn to live with because shitting our pants for years to come is not exactly going to stop the virus. The so called measures are doing much more harm than good. You must be blind and deaf not to see it.

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      • Ah yes, the conspiracy theories abound. So it’s ALL down to big business killing off small business (because you are affected by that it must be true), and not governments with the duty to protect the health of their citizens. Keep on living in your bubble and deny reality all you want. stay in your facebook echo chamber of the “truth” that suits you, meanwhile I’ll get my information from a wide range of sources, and think for myself, and try to be smart about whether I want to risk my health and that of others over whether I wear a mask and use common sense. “You must be blind and deaf not to see it.” Just because you don’t see it or you haven’t experienced severe symcptoms (you still might be in for the Long-term effects somewhere down the line) it must be a hoax! (“Das Ozonloch – ich hab noch keins gesehen!”


  6. This topic reminds me of the classic 1971 song “Der Hund” (in German) by the Austrian cabarettist Georg Kreisler in which he pokes fun at people who reduce global crises to the small details of life within their own four walls:


  7. “So far I have met only one person who needed to be hospitalized for several weeks because of the virus – a taxi driver who sometimes drives me when I need to go somewhere in a hurry.”

    Well, that’s very nice for you over in Czechia, somewhere which I believe has stayed relatively unscathed? Unfortunately, over here in the UK I know maybe half-a-dozen families who have lost members to Covid-19 – and I think the youngest of those may have been under 40. So, I guess my experience is very different from yours – and I’ll stick to basing my assessment of the risk on mine. With a family member who could be at very serious risk if they catch it, I’ll play it safe, thank you.


  8. In other words, none of the very strict measures that have been determined by politicians and that are suffocating and killing people in UK is working, but the government is still doing the same thing over and over again to destroy as much as possible the economy and small business in particular. Got it.

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    • You’re one of the few voices of reason out there. Thank you EVER so much. I’m also a fledgling translator myself working for an agency and I agree with your other post about rush translations and how horrifying they can be. I try not to watch the news either but it’s literally everywhere you look.


  9. “2020 will go down in history as the year of the mildest pandemic in the last 2,000 years.” Couldn’t agree more. Mass hysteria! Love your music videos, as usual. Thanks.


  10. I love Voltaire quotes. I like “The more often a stupidity is repeated, the more it gets the appearance of wisdom.” Great videos as usual!

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