Posted by: patenttranslator | June 25, 2018

The Most Popular and the Most Hated Post on My Blog

Both the most popular and the most hated post (so far) on my silly blog are ironic pieces in which I am making fun of certain groups of people.

The most popular post so far, titled Translator’s Dementia, What It Is and How to Recognize the Signs, was viewed more than 10 thousand times during the first week when I put it on my blog, and then it was translated into several languages by translators whose native language is not English.

The group of people that I am making fun of in that ironic piece is called translators. For some reason, translators don’t mind being made fun of at all. They are more willing to laugh at themselves. In fact, they enjoy being made fun of in this manner, especially when they recognized themselves or their friends in my parody on the life of a translator.

There were many comments in the comment section, but most people were saying that they had a good laugh. There was some mild criticism in the comment section too, such as in this comment:”Thanks for describing my life. Could’ve been hilarious if it weren’t so sad.” But that is more a comment on the sad state of the status quo than anything else. During the six years since I published my post, the status quo of translators and interpreters has of course become much worse.

But it was a very different story with a post called Why Are All Language Interpreters Women, because the group of people that I was making fun of in that post is called women.

When you are a woman, you can make fun of men all you want. It is considered very, very cool and sexy when women make fun of men in our culture. But it is unspeakably despicable and in bad taste when a man is trying to make fun of women.

In all of the TV commercials featuring interactions between a man and a woman in which the actors play a husband and a wife that I was force-fed during the last forty years or so, the husband is always a somewhat stupid, or at the very least an uninformed and ignorant yahoo, who is at the end of the commercial illuminated about whatever it is that the commercial is pushing by a sharp, pretty and bright wife who is much smarter than the lemon she married. The viewer must wonder why she married such a dumb loser.

I have never seen a commercial in which the husband is a smart guy and the wife is a dumb female because obviously, there are no dumb females, only dumb males!

Have you? If so, please send me a Youtube link.

Although I was not saying anything about deaf people in my post at all since I was merely making fun of women interpreters in the most hated post that I dared to write, in the same manner that I used to make fun of all translators in my most popular post, in the comment section of my post which was clearly a parody, I was called nasty names like “an idiot” (by a man), many people told me that I was cruel to deaf people and should know better, and my friend Chris Durban told me that I should get out more and asked “what set me off to write that post”?

What “set me off” to write that parody was an article published by a researcher from the Syracuse University. I remember that the article said that something like 90% of sign language interpreters were women and that among the potential reasons why women are much more likely to choose this profession than men is greater empathy on the part of the women and the fact that women are usually more expected to help family members than men.

Unlike my silly post, the article by the Syracuse University researcher was not a parody; it was a scholarly study emphasizing positive characteristics that are commonly associated more with females than with males, such as their readiness to help people who need help.

Nevertheless, when I clicked on the link in my post to refresh my memory about the original article of the Syracuse University professor that “set me off” to write my parody, I discovered that the link now leads to the biography of a rather stern looking professor of feminist studies, introduced as a professor of gender studies, qualitative methodology, feminist studies, and social interaction”.  (You can check it out yourself by clicking on the link to my original post.

The article by the Syracuse University researcher has been disappeared as if it never existed, the way they did it with undesirable people in photos surrounding great leaders such as Joseph Stalin in the former Soviet Union.) Unfortunately, this is what modern feminism has become: it simply replaces facts that it considered inconvenient with politically correct propaganda.

Huh? I was surprised a little, but not too much. I did read George Orwell when was young and I remember what he said about rewriting of history:“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” 

As a result of my parody, several of the biggest fans of my blog became my biggest enemies, spewing venom at me in comments and emails for several months, most of them female, until they finally gave up and hopefully stopped reading my posts.

I was told that what I said with tongue in cheek in the post was “sexist and degrading”, and that the article was not funny at all (although the post had 573 “Likes” on Facebook after its publication). So somebody must have liked the post.

The Facebook “Likes” are now reduced to only 26 because the original count was erased and replaced by a new, more recent count.

Every now and then, somebody discovers my most hated post on my silly blog and either likes it, or totally hates it and sends me a terribly serious comment, such as this one: “…I would appreciate you taking down that post considering there is no supporting evidence to your claim, and I do not want other interpreters to feel as offended as I was when I came across your article. You are not only insulting to Interpreters, but to women in general.

Well, I am sure that my post was insulting to some women …. but only to those who are so insecure that they can’t stand it when a man is making fun of women, since everybody knows that it’s supposed to be the other way round!

But judging from the reaction to my post, I think that some women actually had a good laugh, possibly because they recognized themselves in my parody, just like some men have a good laugh when they recognize themselves in a description of silly male behavior.


  1. One of the problems with your post titled “Why Are All Language Interpreters Women” is that it relied on inaccurate data. Yes, the vast majority of sign language interpreters are women. In addition, the vast majority of spoken language interpreters are also women as all industry surveys show and the vast majority of translators are also women as proven by the 2016 ATA compensation survey as well as previous ones. The T&I industry is predominantly female with an overall gender ratio of about 70% female and 30% male. This is old news.
    Your statement, “There are some men who interpret spoken language, which is very similar to signing, without the weird, incomprehensible gestures. But most of them are translators of written documents who interpret only when they have nothing else to do.” is factually wrong. The gender ratio of male translators and male spoken language interpreters is roughly the same, always hovering around 30%.
    To summarize, the premise on which you based your entire post is factually wrong.


    • I was talking about my own experience over the last thirty years and languages and technical subjects that you most likely don’t know anything about.


  2. Uh, it’s a parody. It should not be taken literally or too seriously.

    But the fact that the somebody replaced the link in my post to the original study compiled by a Syracuse University researcher on which my post was based was replaced by somebody who wants to control the past, and thus also the present and the future, by a link to a feminist’s biography, that is a serious matter, I think.

    We will never know now what the data of that article, which was not a parody, said because it was replaced by feminist thought police.


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