Posted by: patenttranslator | October 31, 2012



  1. Hmmmm, the last question says “Neither of your three options …”
    Do you really use “neither” like that on your side of the Atlantic?


  2. Probably not.

    If you mean that “none” should have been used instead because “neither” refers to a choice between two options, you are right.

    Somehow I was thinking about two options only – climate change is either real of fake – when I was writing it.

    So as somebody who has been around for a while, what do you think about the subject of the poll, Victor?


    • I don’t believe there is any serious doubt about climate change in general – with or without Sandy (which I have only seen through the eyes of the media because I’m a small matter of a few thousand miles away).
      However, the political battle lines on the issue are often rather simplistic – for example, I recently saw a statistic showing that at least one sector of the US renewables industry was helped more by Bush than by Gore (the presenter who pointed this out was a US citizen and not a Republican sympathiser).


      • Yes, I agree.

        There is no serious and honest discussion about what to do with this problem.

        A lot of posturing by politicians who don’t really give a damn, that’s all I see.


  3. Hello,

    Here is my answer (somehow couldn’t include it before voting): I already believed in climate change before Sandy.


    • Do you see effects of climate change in your part of the world, Brazil, I assume?


  4. Since we cannot leave an answer if we choose 4., here goes:
    Climate Change is a natural phenomenon and a constant. It has been since the beginning of times and will be until the end of times. No matter what we do or do not do, it will keep on changing. That’s the nature of Nature. Get on with your life people and make the best of it.
    And by the way, I truly enjoy your blog, pattentranslator.


  5. Sorry, I am still learning how this poll feature works, that is why two people today could not leave an answer after checking option 4.

    It’s not a very good system if you can either check an option or leave an answer but not both.


  6. tomu by se i kůň zasmál


  7. změny klimatu se dějí po tisíciletí – nečetl jsi o potopě světa? i dinosauři by mohli vyprávět – lidský život je příliš krátký aby si toho všiml – pokud to ovšem nezažije….. to potom rozdává rozumy….


  8. No, ty jsi tak hrozne chytrej, ty musis mit vetsi mozek nez ty dinosauri.


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