Posted by: patenttranslator | April 13, 2011

Politicians Worldwide Are Kleptomaniacs and Drunks – So What Else Is New?

The Czech president Vaclav Klaus, a right-wing, hard-line Eurosceptic who wrote a book in which he “proves” that there is no such thing as climate change, I understand he was on Glen Beck’s show recently talking about the incontrovertible facts in his book – please, buy my book, dear Fox viewers, it’s all in there – just made my morning as he was caught on TV stealing a ceremonial pen in Chile.

The last politician who made my day in this manner was the former Japanese finance minister Nakagawa who was unable to respond to questions of reporters at a G20 Meeting about two years ago because he was drunk as a lord, see the video below.

Afterwards, Nakagawa blamed the effects of “kaze no kusuri” (cold medicine) for his slurred speech and nonsensical, unfinished sentences, but it was such an obvious lie that he had to resign.

I doubt that the Czechs will make Klaus resign. After all, they have known for a long time that most of their politicians were kleptomaniacs.

This post is very short because I can’t think of other examples at the moment and also because I have to get back to work, but I will be happy to incorporate other examples in this post if my esteemed readers send me more material.

In the meantime, the video about the funny old man who is stealing a pen “went viral” and there have been over four thousand comments so far about this video on Yahoo News.

My favorite comment was from somebody who calls himself “hero”:

I don’t care. I wish a pen was all my government would steal.


  1. Even right-wing hardline politicans are people, Steven. Some years back, Paul Wolfowitz, then President of the World Bank, went to Istanbul on an official mission and was given a tour of the famous Sultan Ahmet Mosque (“Blue Mosque”). Like every other visitor he had to take his shoes off and, as he did so, all the TV cameras zoomed in on–the holes in his socks!

    Apparently, there is now a group on Facebook that is asking everybody to send Klaus a pen on May 2, as “apparently [he] has nothing to write with.”


  2. OK, that can happen.

    But stealing things when cameras are on, that’s really stupid.

    Most politicians steal only when cameras are off.


  3. Other politicians are not only kleptomaniacs but also tax evaders even corrupts.
    They have a saying goes stealing a peso/ dollar will put them in prison, so, better steal a million since, they can be able to bail/ pay for their release on jail, huh! They have a thick faces( kapal ng mukha). Some politicians are shameless! They let people pay their taxes/ EVAT (expanded value added tax) here in Philippines, masses becomes more poor, the rich become richer. Because politicians even the money of people they spend as well they want to remain in power to acquire more wealth and protect their businesses.Politicians are lawmakers as well law breakers because others don’t pay their taxes (evaders) like the son of former president Gloria Arroyo, Mikey Arroyo with unpaid tax ph 73 million. They live in affluent life while Filipino masses almost 80% lived in below poverty line! SHAMELESS POLITICIANS, GREEDY IN POWER AND MONEY. NO FEAR & LOVE EVEN RESPECT GOD AS WELL MASSES WHO TRUSTED & VOTED THEM!!!


  4. I hope & pray that all politicians all over the world first have fear & love God as well people who trusted & voted them. Politicians more promises yet they broke it even used the name of God so, they may swayed people a lot. I hope they will not do that, shame on dishonest politicians, who used position or power just to acquire wealth or money from the hardships/ blood of the people!Politicians have no real sympathy of the masses/people who voted them. Philippines is # 3 for having corrupt officials killing themselves just to gain position. Having a position means MONEY! How GREEDY are POLITICIANS nowadays! I hope before they take the office the politicians knows their real/ sincere responsibilities, not money first but people first! Where is the safety/ security of the people if every politicians are MONEY FIRST BEFORE THINKING PEOPLE’S CONCERN?


  5. A lot of presidents here in Philippine keep on promising, and yet they left their promises into oblivion/ forgotten promises? Filipino masses are dumb even becomes mute as well blind to the promises. Only they look that this politician is a relative of former president who promoted democracy( Aquino). But what happen still there is no peace, prosperity even order in the political system. A lot of people are working hard for a living! Going abroad OFW as in human trafficking ( Unsung Heroes), going home dead?! No justice received?! How pitiful are the conditions of every Filipinos. Even you work very hard here in Philippines the condition is still below poverty line , hand to mouth. 95 million of Filipinos only 5 million are living in affluent since they control the businesses. All the POLITICIANS really want to remain in POWER to gain MORE MONEY. If you have a lot of money , you are very powerful as in IF MONEY SPEAKS, EVERYBODY WILL LISTEN. Therefore Philippine politicians are keep on wrestling even as in competition just to remain in power even relatives are killing each other just to remain in power! See, HOW GREEDY some POLITICIANS are?!


  6. Thank you for your comments.

    I don’t think there is much difference between the US and the Philippines when it comes to politicians.

    I remember when Corazon Aquino became president. That was quite a story. Did she in the end become as corrupt as Marcos?


  7. Ahoj Vlasto, tak jsem si zase dobře početl – až na ten překlad(stroj), ale vždy dám věty dohromady. Zdravím


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