1. Hello Steve,
    Enjoyed your article about Trados and feel much the same about it.
    I am also a “mad” translator from doing patent translation work for too long.
    Looking forward to reading all your blogs.
    Thanks again

    • Thank you.

      It’s a mad, mad world and we are only telling it like it is.

  2. “Specialization in Translation Makes Sense, But Overspecialization Can Be a Kiss of Death”

    Dear Steve,
    Thank you so much for your recent blog on specialization.

    It gave me some idea on how I could restart my “professional career” or just call it; to make some use out of my humble skills. Since I’m back from India where I was so lucky to have spent my last 12 years and where I have been trained for project management as in-house freelancer related to German customers.
    Now back to Germany I’m searching for new opportunities at the internet …I’m bidding on all kind of language projects offered on Linkedin, ProZ, Translators Café…

    My native language is German.
    Some decades ago I’ve started translating and interpreting all issues in script and speech related mainly to real estate business & consumer queries for German &.English speaking clients who were longing for housing on Canary Islands/Spain, where I enjoyed living for 15 years, before I had to move to India.
    As you mentioned that there is a demand for German patent translators, I would like to ask you if there is a possibility to join this specialization starting with proofreading (QC) of patent translations from EnglishGerman and Spanish>German, Spanish>English in collaboration with you. You belong to the same ‘ancient’ generation of translators like I do.
    Therefore I would appreciate very much if you would like to be my mentor & guide in this regard.
    Feel free to visit my website:
    Thank you for reading my message.
    I’ll be very grateful, if you contact me via email.

    Best wishes & good fortune

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