Posted by: patenttranslator | June 22, 2016

Two Episodes of The Blabbing Translators Show

Recently, I was honored and thrilled to spend an hour talking about my pretty long experience as a translator of more than three decades, if I include the time when I worked as an in-house translator in Prague in 1980-81 and in Tokyo in 1985-86, in addition to working as a freelance patent translator in California and Virginia for more than 29 years up until now.

The “Blabbing Translators” show is brought to us once a week on Wednesdays by its hosts Dmitry Kornyukov and Elena Tereshchenkova, two young Russian translators, one of whom (Elena) lives in Russia, while the other one (Dmitry) lives in Canada.

I think it’s a very good idea for translators to use Internet platforms such as “Blab” to keep exchanging information in this manner, since we can see what we actually look like while talking about what we have learned and sharing our experience with other translators.

Dmitry and Elena are doing a good job as amateur journalists who ask their interviewees very good questions. The “Blabbing Translators” show can be seen and  heard on several platforms: you can download the application for iOS or Android devices, or you can just go on Youtube and find it there.

Instead of framing my mini-post today in two music videos from Youtube as usual, I am framing it in two Blabbing Translators episodes: one is an interesting talk about websites for translators with Simon Akhrameev, another Russian translator who lives in Kyrgyzstan in the city of Bishkek (called Frunze during the Soviet times); the other one is the episode of Blabbing Translators with yours truly.

I should have listened to Dmitry and Elena and prepare myself better. In particular I should have used headphones instead of just relying on the microphone and speaker in my iPad. Instead, after downloading the “Blab” application, I just joined the show on my iPad without headphones, which distorts the sound a little.

So if the two Russian blabbing translators invite you to star in their next show, don’t do what I did and  listen to what they are saying to you if you want to be heard clearly!


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