Posted by: patenttranslator | August 29, 2013

Should “LSP” (Language Services Provider) be changed to “LSD” (Language Services Dealer)?


  1. Elizabeth – 10 minutes ago

    LSI = Language Services Intermediary

    Montserrat Pijuan – 2 hours ago

    Language services dealer (LSD) is better than LSP if you think that the TA make transactions with the translations.

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  2. Curious to me that LSD is so far in the lead! Does this mean that this blog has become a haunt of psychedelic mavens??


    • Any similarity to the other meaning of the abbreviation LSD (as in a mind-altering substance popular in the sixties, also called “acid”) is purely coincidental and completely unintentional.


  3. This would certainly explain my frequent impression that their clientele must be stoned to accept such “quality”. As an alternative I would suggest LSP as an acronym for “Linguistic Sausage Producer”, provided that the product is labeled carefully as unfit for human consumption 😉


  4. To sum up the situation after the poll has been online for 3 days:

    1. An overwhelming majority of those who voted likes LSD better than LSP, see result on the morning of August 31, 2013 below:

    2. Other interesting proposals are:

    A. Keep LSP as in “Linguistic Sausage Producer” (Kevin Lossner).

    B. Use instead of LSP:

    “LSI” – Language Services Intermediary

    “LSA” – Language Services Agent

    “LSR” – Language Services Reseller (my own proposal)

    “LSB” – Language Services Broker

    Voting results so far:

    Yes, LSD is a more accurate description of a typical translation agency 67.5% (27 votes)

    No, LSP describes a typical translation agency quite well 20% (8 votes)

    I propose a different abbreviation: 12.5% (5 votes)

    Total Votes: 40


  5. It should be Language Services Broker! :-p


  6. But Linguistic Sausage Producer works, too (nice analogy btw)


  7. […] Providers Association (GTPA), categorically stated that the insinuations by Kevin Lossner and some other freelance translators who repeatedly and erroneously claimed on their blogs that “LSP”, which is defined by GTPA as […]


  8. […] You can see the results of my informal poll of translators on this subject and agencies here. […]


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