Posted by: patenttranslator | August 30, 2012

What do you think about the length of my posts?

I tried to use the Poll Daddy feature on  WordPress, but it is really an idiotic design.

If you make a typo, as I often do, there is no way to correct it.
So I just leave it as it  is.

I apologize if I sent you multiple e-mails while trying to figure out how to correct a typo.

Please comment if you’d like.



  1. In these days of 140 characters a twitt, your posts seem to be lengthy for you philosophize a lot. But I am sure that people stay and read your posts, because you philosopize on translation and translation business.

    Don’t worry about the length. The clarity of your thoughts is exactly what the translation colleagues cherish most.


  2. Thanks, Wenjer.

    OK, the posts seem to be too long.

    But I have so much to say!


  3. They’re just right. Well, they could stand to be longer sometimes (sometimes I feel like taking out my virtual red pen and circling something and saying Elaborate!! like an English teacher) but brevity is the soul of with and all that.


  4. Please feel free to do that in the comments section.


  5. They are not long at all, they are OK.


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