Posted by: patenttranslator | August 11, 2012

Do you listen to music videos on my blog?


  1. Dear Patenttranslator,I used to listen every music video your blog but since now I am in China and the internet here is blocked and I can’t watch the music video on your blog. What a shame. I have been reading your blog for almost a year now and I like it very much. Keep on writing! kind regards,Nico


  2. I always read you, but do not listen to the videos.


    • Ok, thanks.

      So far it looks like less than half the people who read my blog watch the videos.


  3. Unfortunately I cannot listen to the music or watch the videos since most of the content is blocked in Germany due to copyright issues 😦


    • Yes, I heard this from other readers on Germany too.
      People in other countries are free to watch music videos on Youtube.
      But not in Germany or China.
      China is a totalitarian state, but I wonder, what’s wrong with Germany?


  4. I voted yes, but I do so only occasionally, mostly when the picture is of a person in lederhosen (especially playing an accordion) or it looks like the video is “vintage,” like the clips from old TV shows, or traditional in some way. And I am not kidding, although I can’t really point to an example of a video in which there was a guy in lederhosen (hint). But you posted a Czech song set in a rustic village not too long ago, and I enjoyed that. I think I’d miss the feature if you stopped doing it, but if it takes too much time or you’re just tired of it, I wouldn’t hold it against you. I come here for your written posts, and the videos are a nice extra.


    • Thanks, Paula, you gave me something to think about.

      I am also thinking of having other polls as well.

      I think my new poll will be on whether readers think that my posts are too long. I read somewhere that an optimal length for a post is 300 words (or was it 500 words?)

      BTW, your blog has great design. I am looking forward to some content.


      • “BTW, your blog has great design. I am looking forward to some content.”
        You and me both! (Thanks!)


  5. No, I don’t, regrettably.  As always, a matter of time.  Ricky


  6. OK, so I will not be picking music that I think you might like since you’re not going to listen to it anyway.


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