Posted by: patenttranslator | March 27, 2012

Top 10 Things I learned During My First 2 Years of Blogging

1. I really had no idea what I was going to do with my blog 2 years ago, or whether it would be good for things like bringing in new business. And I still don’t. I just had this weird urge to start writing posts about my pathetic life that other people would hopefully enjoy reading.

There must be something wrong with me.

2. I do know now that a blog is not a very effective means for attracting new business, at least not in my case. In 2 years, only 2 new customers found me because of my blog. It probably depends on what you write about and how you design your blog. Unlike my blog, my website brings in easily at least 2 new customers on a good month.

There must be something wrong with me and my pathetic blogging.

3. I really like it when a post gets a lot of views, although I never know which of my posts will be a hit and which one will be a flop. When I am finished writing, I always have the same feeling that this must be the best thing that I have written so far.

How come I can’t tell a good post from a boring one? There must be something wrong with me.

4. Every morning when I wake up, I first check my e-mail, then the weather, and then the numbers of views on my blog. Some mornings I wake up and my blog is a big hit in Indonesia, relatively speaking, or in Russia or Germany or another country and I can’t figure out why. The leading country today is Spain. Why is it that my blog has many more viewers in Europe that in North America where most people speak English at home?

There must be either something wrong with me, or with Americans and Canadians.

5. Why is it that every time I reread an old post, I see yet another typo? Why can’t I catch all of them the first time around? I hope my translations have fewer typos than my blog post.

Probably not. There must be something wrong with me. Maybe I should have picked a different job. Oh, well, it’s too late now to change that. I’ll try not to worry about it too much.

6. It is a great feeling when somebody “likes” me, or retweets or reposts my posts. And some people do it regularly, although they live in different countries and on different continents.

Could it be that all is not lost yet? I had 35 “tweets” on one post, I forgot which one. It was one of those 10 things about something or other. People like those. Hence the title of this post.

7. I realized that the most important skill that a blogger needs to have is to be able to figure out which parts of the story that is being formed in his or her head during the writing process should be omitted because otherwise the post would be too long and boring.

I read somewhere that the ideal length of a blog post is no more than 500 words because readers have a short attention span. I find it difficult to say what I want to say in less than a thousand words every time I write about something, and I write a new post about 3 times a week.

There must be something wrong with me and my concept of blogging. But I think I will stick with it anyway.

8. I understand it is important to use social media to promote one’s blog. So I created a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account and I set up my blog so that every time I write a new post the post will be published automatically on these three accounts.

I get a lot of retweets from Twitter frequently, and sometimes a few LinkedIn views, but usually only 1 or 2 views from Facebook which has hundreds of millions of users and I have no idea why.

There must be something wrong with me and the way I try to use social media networks.

9. I usually “frame” my blog posts in two music videos from Youtube, one at the beginning and one at the end. A few commenters found this weird because there is no apparent connection between the videos and the text of the posts.

What are they complaining about? They don’t have to click on the videos if they don’t share my taste in music. I myself sometime don’t share my taste in music, depending on things like room temperature, day of week, whether I’m hungry or not, etc.

There must be something wrong with these people. Don’t they know that everything, and music in particular, is connected to everything else, but only if you can find a connection that was up until now hidden deep inside you?

10. Vox audita perit, litera scripta manet.

This is a Latin saying which means “A voice heard perishes, the written word remains”.

Especially if you write your “literas” in cyberspace, they will remain there for a long time, practically forever. Some of the posts I wrote almost 2 years ago when I was just getting started are read again and again by people who have just discovered this blog.

If your posts are well written and about subjects that people are interested in, they may be still read decades from now, even when you are no longer among the living.

And there is nothing wrong with that. If you don’t have a blog, all you may leave behind is a 4-second recording on your voice mail, which will be eventually erased when the bill for the next month is no longer paid. If you have a blog and people keep reading it, you and your typos will become sort of immortal.


  1. Hilarious! I tweeted just for the humor. Even if the blog doesn’t attract a lot of new business, it sounds like you have fun doing it. Honestly, you would probably hate writing the pieces that attract you customers– too much pandering to google algorithms and whatnot. Keep doing what you’re doing, if you like it! At least one person out there is entertained 🙂


  2. Thank you.

    Yes, the main purpose of my blog is to have some fun, and the main purpose of my website is to pander to Google algorithms.

    Thanks for tweeting my posts!


  3. The typos are probably due to what my favorite French professor at Berkeley referred to as “the charm of the printed page.” Moreover, they are like the lost socks. As for responses from your readers, they probably depend more on the reader and whether you have “hit a nerve.” If everyone had coffee or drinking buddies, you might have no responses at all! Finally, the difference in responses from Facebook, Twitter et al probably has more to do with how users view their purpose, Facebook truly being more of a “social” network and Twitter a means of offering a quick observation or even jab…. Over and out.


  4. But I can always find lost socks because they are almost always behind the washer.

    If they are not there, they are behind the dryer.


  5. This made me laugh out loud. I loved it! A decalogue for the translator-blogger. And I will make sure to tweet it.


  6. Thank you so much.

    I’m glad I made you laugh – you look so serious in that picture.

    Your blog with that ALS video was really good. That guy Gavin Whatshisname is almost as slimy as US politicians. I would never go into business with him.


  7. Note that I “liked” your post, so I probably made your day (provided there is nothing wrong with you, that is….). As to the Latin idiom, in Spanish we say “a las palabras se las lleva el viento” (words are blown away by the wind) – mostly used anytime you want to coerce someone into confirming something in writing, LOL. On another note, I do so admire bloggers, don’t believe I have the stamina for it! So, in a roundabout way, this would seem to mean that I admire you for blogging (in spite of there being something wrong with you…). At least there is one person (li’l ole me) here in Uruguay that follows your blog! Cheers.


  8. You made my day all right.

    Maybe there’s nothing wrong with me.


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