Posted by: patenttranslator | March 17, 2011

My Second Blog This Year About the Search Terms Found On My Blog’s Dashboard (Or Around The World In 80 Minutes Or Less)

Here is this week’s selection of terms from search engines that people who somehow ended up on my blog were using somewhere on this planet:

i love ivan watson idont know where he is, what use is trados? can ben wedeman speak arabic?, war between japan and germany, kindly be informed i will not take part to the test+traduction, be rude with the customers policy, bill gates is afraid of the guy in garage, japanese translation job fix machine translation, future of machine translation human translators, machine translation is not a threat, madness is the highest form of creativity.

1. To love somebody and not to know where he or she is …. that just breaks my heart. I still remember what it felt like when I spent hours at this one bus stop in Prague where the most beautiful girl in the world had to be getting off the bus any time now …. because cell phones were not invented yet when I was young. I’m pretty sure that’s why I became a patent translator – to spare the anguish of not knowing something like that to other people. I did get to translate a lot of patents about cell phones. I hope that the girl who found my blog (if it is a girl) while looking for the CNN’s correspondent Ivan Watson finds out soon where he is. And Ben Wedeman is probably just saying that he speaks Arabic. I’m not buying it. I never heard him interview anybody in Arabic and it’s a good bet that I never will.

2. People can’t figure out whether Trados is any good and they sure don’t seem to like it. And many translators are deathly afraid of machine translation. By far the highest number of views is generated on my blog by two subjects: machine translation and Trados. From the response to my posts that I was privileged to receive from readers around the world, it is clear to me that I will never buy Trados, and also that some people are for some reason rooting for machines – they know with absolute certainty that just about the only kind of work that will be left for people like me in a few years will be “fixing machine translation”. Is it because they themselves lost their jobs and now they are hoping that everybody else will becomes as destitute as they are? Oh, well, I think I am done with both topics, at least for a while.

3. On the other hand, my expert and sound advice to translators, for instance on how to prosper by doing things like being rude to one’s customers, seems to be well received. It took Phileas Fogg, the hero of Jules Verne’s book Around the World in Eighty Days, many weeks to travel around the world to come back to London in record time. I can see on my dashboard that the lofty thoughts that I am so unselfishly uploading to my blog a few times a week will travel around the world in 80 minutes or less. Now that’s progress that even Jules Verne could not have imagined.

4. Madness is the highest form of creativity. “Duh!”, as my son would have said when he still talked like that a few years ago. But once teenagers stop being teenagers because they are a few years older and they no longer say things like “dude”, they are well on their way to become mindless and obedient defenders of the establishment, at least in this country. We were not like that when we were young, were we? We were the creative rebels, or is it just my imagination? Salvador Dali was not really mad, although most people around him thought so at first. And neither was Pablo Picasso.

And how do we know that? Unlike Van Gogh, they both got rich while they were still alive. Which is how this world determines who must be mad and who is really, really clever.


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